Professional Profile


Mr. Vines is a people and systems-focused leader with 10 years of experience who is eager to elevate an organization through the understanding and execution of aligned goals while exemplifying shared company values and ethics.
Mr. Vines is looking for an opportunity to further his career by empowering those around him to visualize, plan, and execute along a path toward shared success. Unafraid of pursuing a vision that is beyond his current scope and encouraging others to follow suit, Mr. Vines is most fulfilled when seeing the positive professional growth of his colleagues through strategic planning and hard work.

Mechanical Engineering Technology
Metropolitan State University of Denver 2013-2015


Co-chair of Missions
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

• Visionary leadership
• Analytical and fast decision-making
• Emotional intelligence
• Staying on time and on-budget

• Strategic - Excels at creating alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, I can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.
• Activator - Makes things happen by turning thoughts into action. Wants to do things now, rather than simply talk about them.
• Command - Presence. Takes control of a situation and makes decisions.
• Belief - Holds core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerge a defined purpose for life.
• Individualization - Intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. Possessing a gift for figuring out how different people can work together productively.

Chief Executive Officer
Mountain Geotechnical Consultants (Cushman Geoscience) 2022-Present
• Organized all financial systems through a partnership with the CFO to enable expedited state of the company figures for equity partners.
• Updated all legacy systems to make all information easily accessible to staff and increased efficiency by 75%.
• Generated document control procedures to accommodate updated digital systems and managed hardcopy and digital document control.
• Developed a proprietary Project Management and Client Relationship Management Database
• Managed detailed schedules for all engineering, lab, and field staff.
• Coordinated all work schedules with project stakeholders.
• Established yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly cash flow analysis and budget planning.
• Completed technical field work and client relations throughout complex engineering projects.
• Utilized a systematic approach to documenting all internal processes and identified contingencies to enable more efficient project management, task assignment, and quality control.
• Coordinated and ran technical, leadership, and team meetings.
• Supported external engineering staff to ensure standards were met across engineering disciplines.
• Developed systems to complete onboarding and training of new hires.

Founder and Managing Partner
Vines Systems 2021-Present
• Acquired Cushman Geoscience at 50% of original sale cost by utilizing research and analysis of the market and network of financial and professional connections.
• Established mission statement and core value to align staff with the organization’s strategic plan to increase internal efficiency and customer satisfaction.
• Developed all organizational documents along with the business plan that enabled the securing of acquisition and working capital.

CAD Manager
Providence Infrastructure Consultants 2021-2022
• Managed workload and training of the design department’s staff.
• Maintained over 90% utilization rate while leading the design team and ensuring engineers and stakeholders were informed on deliverable status across the department.
• Unified existing CAD Standards for the design department.
• Ran weekly meetings to discuss and coordinate design deliverables.
• Completed field work to determine design constraints for major capital projects.
• Developed infrastructure routes from pre-bid through design completion.
• Collaborated across disciplines to develop company standards.
• Hired and trained design team staff.
• Established quarterly check-ins with design staff to ensure professional development and career progression.

CAD Support Administrator
EN Engineering 2018-2021
• Worked with Senior Management and Vice President to develop this role specifically to align my skills with the organization’s needs.
• Produced client-level drawing processes, checklists, proper procedures, and training documentation to accompany these items to ensure the established standards were continually met across the design staff of different disciplines.
• Established and automated processes to increase overall productivity without losing quality of work.
• Maintained over 90% utilization rate while managing the administrative needs of the role.
• Provided technical and training support to all Project Teams, ensuring the teams have the tools, training, and procedures in place to efficiently produce models and drawings that are complete, accurate, and conform to company and client standards.
• Assisted the CAD Support Team in the resolution of all forms of Help Desk Tickets.
• Created or updated client templates, standards, and libraries.
• Supported CAD Manager in tracking and distributing CAD Licenses to staff.
• Administrated CAD Testing for potential hires and internal staff testing.
• Interfaced with the Scanning and drone teams for quoting of sites, and availability of equipment, supplies, and personnel.
• Evaluated and proved potential new hardware, software, processes, or procedures to aid in better quality work for the company, now and in the future.
• Provided technical and training support to all Project Teams. Through training in CAD Software, Industry Experience, and Business Knowledge, assisted the teams and managers in rising to the next level of professionalism.
• Created client-level training aids for project teams.
• Produced client-level drawing processes, checklists, proper procedures, and training documentation/manuals to accompany these items.
• Established standards for staff to reach and continually meet.
• Set up standardization across different disciplines.
• Drafted White Papers and training for routine items, questions, and issues.
• Automated processes to increase overall productivity without losing quality of work

Civil Designer
EN Engineering 2018-2021
• Gather existing drawings, GIS data, aerial imagery, field notes, and survey data to assemble existing conditions drawings.
• Prepare accurate and precise site layouts.
• Set up sheets, title blocks, notes, and details and all parts of the overall design package.
• Set up and maintain project file structure with base and sheet drawings.
• Design and draft detailed 2D and 3D dimensional drawings
• Perform peer and formatting reviews.
• Read and generate drawings from a variety of schematic types.
• Review and incorporate ENE and client standards into the drawing set.
• Interpret vendor drawings and add information to the drawing set.
• Mentor Designers, CAD Specialists, Senior Drafters and Drafters
• Function as an interim Design Coordinator as needed.
• Coordinate and communicate with other design leads during multi-discipline projects.
• Perform training on project-specific tasks related directly to the team workflow.
• Troubleshoot and provide user support for CAD programs and work processes.
• Function as liaison between the Project design team and Design Services (CAD Manager, QA/QC, and Training Coordinator)
to discuss ideas and suggestions to help improve project drafting workflow and processes.

CAD Specialist
EN Engineering 2018-2021
• Gather existing drawings, GIS data, aerial imagery, field notes, and surveys to assemble existing conditions drawings with minimal supervision.
• Prepare accurate and precise site layouts.
• Set up sheets, title blocks, notes, and details as an overall part of the design set.
• Set up base files and maintain an overall project structure.
• Draft detailed dimensional drawings including 2D and 3D drawings as required for completion of projects.
• Report to the Design Coordinator on project status.
• Perform peer reviews for completed drawing packages before submittal.
• Read and generate drawings from various types of schematics.
• Review and incorporate ENE and client CAD standards into the drawing set.
• Read vendor drawings with guidance from engineers and add information to the drawing set.
• Mentor Sr. Drafters and Drafters.
• Work independently on projects.
• HDD profile creation.
• Interpolate grades.
• Input proposed profile data from engineers.
• Identify Utility and other discipline interferences.
• Create and edit alignments, profiles, surfaces, and cross-sections.
• Create pipe networks.
• Automated sheet generation along the alignment.
• Create and edit Civil 3D styles.
• Quantify pipelines, water, storm, and sanitary systems.
• Basic knowledge of typical layouts for meter, regulation, and compression sites
• Basic knowledge of equipment for plant and process facilities
• Planning of ortho views and details
• Quantify piping, valves, fittings, and equipment.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Kush Climbing 2015-2019
• Developed a business plan and marketing strategy that successfully launched the first rock climbing fall protection (crash pad) using eco-friendly materials.
• Managed a brand strategy that garnered national attention and had our product highlighted in leading outdoor industry publications increasing sales.
• Partnered with suppliers, manufacturers, and designers to successfully execute efficient product lifecycle management.

Project Manager
Universal Controls 2014-2017
• Collaborated with Professional Engineers in the writing and development of Denver-approved Master Engineering Report.
• Worked with stakeholders and areas having jurisdiction to ensure the design and permitting of specialty gas systems.